UNITED in World Social Forum 2021: Assembly of Ecology Space

world social forum 2021

From the 23rd to the 31st of January, 2021, the World Social Forum 2021 (WSP) was successfully held virtually despite the global pandemic. Marking its 20th anniversary this year since its first meeting held in 2001 in  Brazil, the World Social Forum has long been considered as one of the most influential manifestations of civil… Read more »

KISA denounces the new act of repression by the government

KISA denounces a mew attempt by the government to repress its action and vision for a society without racism and discrimination The Minister of Interior, immediately after his  appointment last December, unleashed an unprecedented defamation attack against KISA and other NGOS active in the field of migration and asylum, making his intention to close them… Read more »

2019 OSCE/ODIHR Hate Crime Data: Key Takeaways and Further Actions to Take

On November 16th, 2020, the OSCE Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights (ODIHR) has published its annual hate crime data for 2019, in the spirit of the International Day for Tolerance, a day honoring the adoption of a Declaration of Principles on Tolerance by UNESCO’s Member States on November 16th, 1995. This data contains… Read more »

Join the campaign “Life beyond EU Funding: Imagining a Different Role for Youth Organisations in Europe”

UNITED has joined 70+ organizations in the new campaign entitled “Life beyond EU Funding: Imagining a Different Role for Youth Organisations in Europe” for more funding and a more sustainable environment for youth organizations across Europe. What is this campaign about?  This pan-European campaign led by InterAlia believes that operating funding to youth organizations needs to increase… Read more »

CALL FOR APPLICATIONS: Become members of UNITED’s Youth Advisory Board!

UNITED is opening the opportunity for delegates of UNITED supporter organisations to become members of UNITED’s Youth Advisory Board. Role of the Youth Advisory Board Role of the Youth Advisory Board The Advisory Board is responsible to oversee UNITED’s Secretariat with vision, strategy, resources, networking and accountability, based on the network organisations’ needs and objectives.… Read more »

Europeans of foreign origins, especially from Africa, to representative positions within the European Union

Nearly 15 million Europeans are of African descent, representing 3,3% of the European population estimated at nearly 447.7 million. Although they may be legally well-integrated as European citizens, they still face discrimination regarding their economic, social, cultural and political rights. According to the 2018 European Union Minorities and Discrimination Survey entitled Being Black in the… Read more »

Upcoming webinar: Climate Justice and Peace

Do you remember our webinar earlier this year, where we co-organized a 2-day conference to discuss the future of civic organizing in the context of the global pandemic? We are back now with a follow-up to the exchanges we first had in April. “Peace is like a little bird – the more you try to… Read more »

9th of November campaign – Day against Fascism and Antisemitism

We are back this year with another campaign for the 9th of November – the Day against Fascism and Anti-semitism. This has been a particularly difficult year for all of us, globally. We have all been thrown into entirely unknown circumstances; our lives have been disrupted, and the world has grappled with how to deal… Read more »